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European Refinish Specialties offers more than just high quality painting and coating services. We can provide everything from minor collision repair to larger teardown restorations projects. Our experience in handling repairs also makes us experts in customization and modifications. If you’ve been dreaming of making a certain change to your Mercedes Benz or giving your Ferrari a full teardown, get in touch with us today.


The finest European and Japanese import cars need special care to look their best. Even when your collectible car is kept in secure and climate controlled storage, time takes its toll on all vintage finishes. Don’t let cracking, crazing, orange peel texture, or other common issues ruin the look of your favorite vehicle. Turn to a team that has the expertise for top quality Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari body repair. European Refinish Specialties has over 40 years of experience in restoration and refinishing, with a specific focus on European and Japanese vehicles. Whether you’re driving a vintage Ferrari or would like a custom color for a new Mercedes Benz, we’re ready to help.

As one of the top collision repair teams on the West Coast for vintage and stock International cars, we’re happy to handle everything from full teardown restoration to the most minor dent repairs when damage occurs. We work on all vintage to late model German, Italian, Japanese, and other European import cars. Our expertise in plastic, steel, and aluminum repair ensures that all body panels can be restored to like new condition without the need to turn to another specialist. This streamlines the repair or restoration process, preventing delays that can extend the wait time. Unusual models and specialty requests are easily accommodated thanks to our skilled team of specialists. If other body shops and painting services have turned down your vintage or late model car, we may be able to help. Wheel surface repairs so you can keep using those original classic wheels rather than relying on less authentic replacements. Don’t let the grit from the road leave your aluminum or steel wheels showing their age when a little periodic refinishing can keep them as shiny as the showroom without damaging the surface.

When it comes time for painting and coating after body and panel repairs, we rely on the BASF Glausrit Refinishing System because it’s known to offer the best painting chemistry for vintage and rare cars. There’s minimal chance for a negative reaction with previous paints or coatings, resulting in smooth and long-lasting results. It’s one of the highest quality urethane-based auto paint systems available on the market today. This system ensures we provide the best paint matching and finishing results possible for vintage European and Japanese cars. Whether you need to coat an existing original paint or replace a badly faded coating, we can help. Choose a color matched as close as possible to the original factory finish, or try something new for an eye-catching look as you drive down the street. BASF produces many fine automotive painting products, but we use the Glausrit Refinishing System in particular because it offers a rich and thick gloss that is distinctly European in style. This gives our customers a much more authentic look than they can get from the competitors. There’s a slight difference in a car featuring the Glausrit paint that is obvious when it’s parked next to an import painted with a less distinctive gloss. We can accommodate multi-coat finishes and focus on achieving undetectable and better-than-original body work before applying the paint. This makes all the difference in achieving Local Concours and Full Concours restoration.

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